The heating and cooling needs of educational institutions and campuses are broad and varied, requiring well-designed systems to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment. United Maintenance, Inc. understands the complex needs of the educational sector, and has earned a solid reputation for designing and installing HVAC systems that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

The needs of educational facilities and campuses

To the educational sector, efficient climate control is not just about providing comfortable temperatures across a facility, but about managing climate control across a multitude of spaces both large and small, as well as accommodating groups of people that meet at different times of day. For maximum efficiency, this requires a complex network of units that can be managed independently for optimum use during peak and off-peak times. Additionally, because a room full of people can be a breeding ground for airborne pathogens, it’s important for the HVAC system to meet stringent indoor air quality requirements through a combination of effective ventilation and filtering. Because most educational institutions operate on tight budgets, it’s also critical for the school to be able to provide optimum learning environments while effectively managing energy consumption costs.

How we meet the need

At UMI, we are known for our ability to engineer and build custom HVAC solutions that meet the unique requirements of educational facilities. We conduct a full evaluation of the facility (or affected buildings on campus), taking into account infrastructure, design, functionality and the efficiency of the current HVAC system. We then design a system that provides optimal conditions within the various spaces. Our technicians are EPA certified and will work with you to ensure that your ventilations systems meet or exceed air quality standards as prescribed by OSHA and ASHRAE. We can also install state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems which can regulate temperature in many different spaces according to class times and sizes, so you can cut energy bills by only heating and cooling specific rooms as they are being utilized. Finally, to maximize the output and longevity of your HVAC system, UMI can provide an ongoing care and maintenance strategy that fits within your budgetary requirements.

Whether you are building a new campus from the ground up, or you are attempting to bring an historical educational facility up to current codes of energy efficiency, United Maintenance has the resources, technology and expertise to create and implement an HVAC solution that will meet your school’s needs for many years to come.