For offices and commercial facilities, effective heating and cooling are essential to productivity. United Maintenance, Inc. provides high-quality HVAC design, installation and maintenance solutions for office buildings large and small, equipped to meet even the most stringent budgetary and efficiency standards.

Specific HVAC needs for offices

Office structures have a wide range of possible requirements when it comes to HVAC design, with building size, layout, number of offices/employees, and even the age of the building weighing into the equation. A smaller office with a handful of employees may require only a simple design, while a larger building of office suites may need many independent heating/cooling zones. Some office buildings require 24-7 temperature regulation throughout the facility, while for others it may be beneficial to conserve energy use during times when offices are not occupied. Additionally, for professional work spaces, proper filtering and ventilation are essential for maintaining healthy air quality levels.

How we meet the need

UMI can design and build an HVAC system that is individually suited to the needs of each of our office clients. Taking into account such factors as the size of the space, the current infrastructure/equipment, and the number of offices to be individually regulated, we will engineer a solution that is tailor-made to provide maximum performance while keeping energy consumption costs manageable. If energy efficiency is a premium, our EPA-certified technicians can create efficient solutions for even the most problematic structures, even assisting our clients in meeting LEED certification standards. We can also work with our customers to help them meet stringent indoor air quality standards as prescribed by ASHRAE and OSHA. Depending on the building layout and usage, we can create as many independent heating/cooling zones as needed, and we can provide state-of-the-art controls to facilitate individual timed, manual and mobile temperature regulation within each of those zones. Finally, we offer budget-friendly monitoring and maintenance plans to preserve the longevity and maximum efficiency of your HVAC system.

Providing a safe and comfortable work environment for office employees is a key to maintaining a productive office, and HVAC is a key component of that goal. With more than 40 years’ experience in providing customized HVAC solutions for offices, no job is too large or small, and no challenge is too great for United Maintenance.