Place of Worship

When providing heating and air conditioning to places of worship and other gathering places, there is no standard, one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to HVAC installation. With over 40 years of proven experience, United Maintenance, Inc. understands the particular requirements for climate control in these facilities, and can customize a system to meet the demands of churches, synagogues and other houses of worship regardless of size, while helping to keep energy costs manageable.

Specific HVAC needs of places of worship

The challenges of heating and cooling a place of worship are both functional and aesthetic in nature, a balancing act between providing comfort and conserving resources. Because most houses of worship do not use their auditoriums and classrooms at all times (some only once or twice a week), it isn’t always necessary to maintain 24-hour climate control in these rooms—and yet, if a room is too hot or too cold during meeting times, it can be a distraction for worshipers. Thus, an HVAC system for a worship facility must be able to adjust room temperature quickly and effectively, providing the right temperature in the right space at the right time. Additionally, some congregations need to maintain a quiet, serene environment for their worshipers, and prefer not to hear a noisy unit in the background during times of reflection or while recording the service. If offices are maintained in the facility, these may require more constant temperature regulation, while unused spaces do not. Finally, many religious organizations operate on tight budgets, so they need the ability to provide effective climate control without draining the coffers.

How we meet the need

At UMI, we’re known for our ability to provide quality climate control for facilities of every size, shape and budget requirement, including places of worship. We will assess the layout, function and climate control requirements for the various rooms within your facility, while being sensitive to the structure itself (some religious facilities are historic buildings that require special care with HVAC installation). We will then design and install a system to fit the specific requirements of your facility and your budget. We can provide multiple units to provide zoned heating and cooling for different parts of your building or campus, and we can install control systems that enable you to regulate temperatures within these rooms according to your gathering schedule. If necessary, we can also design your system to minimize noise by installing quieter units, or by placing the units strategically so their effects are “felt but not heard” in your sanctuary. Finally, we can design your system for energy efficiency to give your facility the climate control it needs while minimizing operating costs.

Whether your congregation is small or large; whether you’re building a new facility from the ground up or bringing a more historic structure up to code; United Maintenance offers both the expertise and the experience to design an install an HVAC system perfectly suited to the needs of your place of worship.