Data Centers

These days, data centers are at the very heart of almost every business. Whether you have an on-site data center for your corporation, or whether you operate servers to store data for other clients, any mechanical failure or data loss could be catastrophic. United Maintenance, Inc. has a decades-long reputation for providing mission critical HVAC solutions for this all-important component of your business.

Why data centers need fail-proof HVAC

With the onset of the digital age, almost everything we do in business is computerized. Our financial records, our customer databases, our interoffice and off-site communications, our trade secrets—all of it is stored as data, hopefully backed up in several places. If this data is compromised or corrupted, business can grind quickly to a halt.

For most businesses, this critical information is kept in data centers—rooms filled with servers that are constantly running and must be kept in clean, well-ventilated, temperature regulated facilities to keep from overheating. If the HVAC system in a data center malfunctions, critical data can be lost due to failed servers.

A solution to every problem

At UMI, we understand the mission critical nature of data centers, and we design the HVAC system to stringent standards based on the size and need of the facility, equipped with any of a number of failsafes to ensure the system does not fail. Among the additional steps we can take to facilitate the needs of data centers:

  • High-quality filtering/ventilation to keep the room dust-free
  • Backup HVAC units in case one system malfunctions
  • Comprehensive monitoring and maintenance plans
  • In certain cases, a permanently assigned UMI technician on-site to address and resolve any issues immediately

At United Maintenance, we believe “mission critical” means just that: the reliability of our HVAC system is critical to your mission. We have the experience, expertise and problem solving skills to make sure your data center’s heating/cooling system lives up to these expectations.