Mission Critical

If your building or facility performs a “mission critical” function—meaning you need an HVAC system that must not fail under any circumstances—United Maintenance, Inc. is the company to call. We are the experts in designing, installing and maintaining integrated systems for mission critical facilities, and we’ve build a reputation for reliability with many years of proven results.

Mission Critical HVAC needs and applications

Besides the standard temperature regulation and air quality needs most of our clients have, the number-one priority of a mission critical application is that it requires climate control regulation at all times, sometimes within a single degree Fahrenheit or relative humidity percentage. If a heating or cooling system fails to function, or functions at less than optimal conditions, it can put the entire process at risk. Primary examples of mission critical environments include, but are not limited to:

  • Data centers—Computer servers run all the time, putting out large amounts of heat in the process. Constant temperature regulation is a must to keep these units from overheating.
  • Laboratories—Many scientific applications require a constantly regulated environment, not only with regard to room temperature, but also maintaining such factors as air quality, humidity, etc. (Many cleanrooms are also mission critical.)

How we meet the need

UMI understands that every situation is different, so we specialize in creating custom solutions for each of our mission critical clients. We will assess the nature and requirements of your facility and devise a solution to fit the need. In rooms that require air quality regulation as well as temperature control, we can design and install extensive filtering and monitoring to ensure the environment remains constant. We can also install emergency backup HVAC systems to kick in if the main system goes offline. We offer comprehensive preventative maintenance plans to keep your system running efficiently and to pre-empt any potential issues, and if the situation calls for it, we can even arrange for a UMI technician to be on-site on a permanent basis to keep your HVAC system running at its best.

In mission critical applications, minutes or seconds count if an HVAC system fails. That is why so many laboratories, data centers and other mission critical facilities rely on United Maintenance for their environmental control needs. With decades of proven experience, we are trusted to succeed where others fail.