Laboratories typically operate under tightly controlled room conditions, and if these conditions are compromised, entire projects and years of research can be at risk. For mission critical applications like these, United Maintenance, Inc. is the trusted authority for designing, installing and maintaining HVAC systems that meet and exceed the exacting standards that laboratories require.

Special HVAC needs of laboratories

Laboratories are used for many sensitive applications, from research and medical testing to the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and chemicals. In almost every laboratory, depending on its function, a certain temperature and level of air quality must be constantly maintained. Laboratories may also require different temperature and air quality zones for different purposes (for example, refrigerated rooms), and in many cases, cleanroom conditions are a must. Laboratories are considered mission critical facilities because any change in the environment can jeopardize the entire process. If the temperature varies by as much as single degree Fahrenheit, in some cases—or if the filtering system malfunctions and allows too many pollutants into the air—it can compromise the entire laboratory.

How we meet these needs

UMI recognizes the critical role of the HVAC system in protecting laboratory conditions, and we design and install highly calibrated systems to meet the specific needs of our clients in the research, medical and pharmaceutical spaces. We can create cleanroom conditions in certain areas of the facility, or throughout the facility, if necessary, installing state-of-the-art airflow and filtering technology and air quality monitoring. We install robust and reliable HVAC units, designing as many different temperature zones as needed, and we can install computerized controls to help you maintain the exact temperature conditions you designate. We can also provide such failsafes as backup HVAC systems or continual on-site monitoring and maintenance, as needed.

When HVAC must not fail, our clients in the science and research fields have been relying on United Maintenance for decades to provide environmental solutions for their mission critical laboratories. We have the proven expertise to make sure the job is done right, and to make sure your HVAC system never fails.