Manufacturing & Industrial

With over four decades of proven experience in commercial/industrial HVAC design and installation, United Maintenence, Inc. is well versed in the complex climate control needs of manufacturing and industrial facilities. Our expertise serves us well in meeting these needs as we develop customized solutions that meet our customers’ most stringent demands, all while optimizing output and minimizing costs.

Specific needs of manufacturing & industrial facilities

The manufacturing/industrial sector represents a wide range of heating and cooling needs, with individual factories, plants and offices each having their own unique set of requirements. Factories that operate on a 24-hour productivity cycle require an exceptionally robust HVAC system that can maintain constant, reliable climate control with relatively little maintenance. The manufacturing of certain products may require strict climate control in large spaces with little to no variation in temperature, or different temperatures and/or humidity levels in different parts of the facility. When the product being manufactured yields airborne chemical and particulate byproducts, proper ventilation and filtering are a must for the protection of employees’ health. The manufacturing of electronics or computer components may also require cleanroom conditions.

How we meet the need

At UMI, we specialize in creating customized solutions for manufacturing/industrial clients, including some that our competitors might not consider. We approach each project as a unique situation, each with its own set of challenges to address. We conduct a full assessment of our customers’ needs, including facility size, structural layout, functional spaces, prescribed air quality standards and budgetary requirements. Our engineers then design a system that fits these particular requirements, whether through upgrading components within an existing system, or building and installing an entirely new system. If your company has a goal of reducing its carbon footprint, our technicians know how to bring your system up to LEED certification standards. We can also provide state-of-the-art controls to help you regulate specific areas at specific times, as well as a variety of service and maintenance plans to keep your system running at its best for years to come.

For manufacturing and industrial facilities, productivity and efficiency are keys to success, and a substandard or inadequate HVAC system can have a profoundly negative impact on both. That’s why United Maintenance goes to great lengths to provide durable, reliable and efficient solutions for our industrial customers, and why our customers have come to rely on us to get the job right the first time.