Healthcare and Medical

For healthcare and medical facilities, air quality and climate control are of critical importance. United Maintenance, Inc. designs, builds and maintains robust commercial HVAC systems that meet the stringent demands inherent to the healthcare industry.

Specific needs of healthcare/medical facilities

Hospitals, clinics and other medical offices all have a unique set of needs when it comes to HVAC design, one of the most critical of which is proper ventilation. Because the primary objective is caring for the ill, airborne pathogens are a constant threat within these facilities, requiring a carefully designed system of filtering and ventilation that adheres to stringent indoor air quality (IAQ) standards and helps minimize the exposure to airborne diseases. Additionally, because healthcare facilities require constant, effective climate control, it’s critical that the HVAC system is durable enough to operate continually, yet efficient enough to keep energy costs as low as possible. Finally, because different areas of the building or campus will have their own unique ventilation and temperature needs, the HVAC system must be designed to adapt to differing climate control requirements within different parts of the facility.

How we meet the need

UMI provides specialized set of solutions for our customers in the healthcare space by designing and building HVAC systems that adhere to the strictest indoor air quality standards for healthcare facilities, as prescribed by OSHA and ASHRAE. We conduct a thorough assessment of the infrastructure, layout and functional zones of the building or campus, and design a system that is optimized to meet the needs of each individual area of the facility. Custom solutions may include separate filtering and ventilation for quarantine areas and other areas of increased exposure to pathogens; separate ventilation for the food handling space; and control systems that allow for optimal temperature conditions in different parts of the facility.

Whether we are retrofitting existing HVAC equipment to adhere to quality and efficiency standards, or whether we are designing and building a new system from the ground up, United Maintenance has the expertise and experience to meet the unique needs of our healthcare facility clients while ensuring their energy dollars are being spent as wisely as possible.