Engineering a high-quality HVAC system is one thing; the installation of that system is another. At United Maintenance, Inc., we excel during both the design and execution stages, going to great lengths to make certain our customers’ heating and cooling systems are installed to design specifications with as little impact as possible to their productivity or their budget. Regardless of the size and the complexity of the project, our four decades of experience have given us the expertise to know the best methods for getting the job done right. Even if unforeseen issues arise during the installation process, there is little that we haven’t seen before, and our technicians and engineers are experts at problem-solving on the fly.


For many UMI customers, their current HVAC system is sufficient to meet the need, but perhaps just requires certain components to be replaced, or for their system to be updated to comply with ever-tightening government energy efficiency standards. In situations like these, our EPA-certified technicians are able to retrofit any/all elements of your current system to bring your facility into compliance without a full rebuild, and with relatively little impact on your productivity.

Design and build

For new buildings or facilities that need an overhaul of their HVAC systems, we can design and build an entire system from scratch, customized to meet the specific needs of your facility. Depending on the structure and logistics, we can build off-site, on-site or within the structure itself. If unforeseen circumstances arise during the install, our technicians are usually able to devise a solution, but if required, an engineer can also be on hand to help facilitate. For complex problems, United Maintenance is known for succeeding where others fail.